Winning The War For Talent

The Book. The Workshop. Created because today things are not at all like yesterday. Best practices from the past don't work now. There's a war now for talented employees and we want YOU to win. Do you?

The Book.

     Written by America's Career Coach...after decades as a hiring manager, helping people find the right job and helping companies hire the best college students, Chris Czarnik has taken all of his lessons and put them into a book that's packed with simple solutions you can act on TODAY.

     The world has changed. It's a mathematical certainty that over the next decade, there simply aren't enough people to fill all the open jobs in our country. Not only that, but there is now competition (we call it a "war") for the best talent...and no one seems to know what to do.

     This book tells you what to do and is full of low-or-no cost solutions to help you WIN the war for talent.

The Workshop.

Response to the book has been terrific - but business owners have been asking for MORE - so we created the Winning The War For Talent Workshop! Chris will personally come to your location and work with your team to listen, learn and create a step-by-step action plan CUSTOMIZED for YOUR business and needs!

Here's what business owner's are saying:

"Chris’ presentation was high energy and thought provoking. He helped us realize that recruiting and retaining talent doesn’t have to be difficult, we just need to apply common sense and known business practices to our recruitment efforts. We’re really looking forward to implementing the ideas and strategies that came out of our two-day workshop!"

- Reed Gooding
President, GSM Roofing

“Today's biggest issue for most businesses is attracting and retaining the right talent. Chris takes the effective approach of showing you what you need to improve on to win the talent war and then teaches you how to sustain these improvements in your organization. Chris is very hands on, energetic, approachable and direct...He is NOT encumbered by the typical definition of a consultant!”

- Thomas L. Saeli
CEO, Duro-Last Roofing | JRB Enterprises

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