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Winning The War For Talent is Chris Czarnik's latest book about how to attract, engage and retain talent is different for every organization. This book contains decades of knowledge and experience from a Career Expert who knows why people leave organizations, why they stay and what they're looking for! (Hint: It's not money!)

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WTWFT Workshop

Bring Winning The War For Talent to your organization LIVE! Over two days, Chris will bring together employees and leadership to create your own individualized action plan to attract and retain the RIGHT employees for your business! Based on your needs, your area and your experience - you'll end the training with a step-by-step plan to win!

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Internal Career Mapping

Our employee development program was created from our original job search program. Why? Because you want employees looking for their next job - but doing it INSIDE your own organization! And doesn't it make more sense for each employee to be in charge of their own development instead of one manager being in charge of 10 or more employees future?

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ICM Coach Certification

ICM is a self-guided and employee driven process, but time to time people have questions, or need feedback, or just plain want to get someone else's opinion. For that reason and more we train at least two of your HR staff members to be Certified ICM Coaches. From product administration to where people are most likely to get stuck - we'll be there to support them!

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How to attract, engage and retain talent is different for every organization. Perhaps your organization needs more personalized help - and we can provide that. From working with executive teams to create strategy - to individual owners on how to grow their staff with the right people - we'll use our years of experience to help you find a solution.

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Are you paying thousands of dollars per individual for outplacement? Can we tell you a story? In our area, ALL of the big outplacement firms send former employees to our in-person class! We've turned that class into a digital training program you can utilize for outplacement at a fraction of the cost of a big outplacement firm.

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