Internal Career Mapping (ICM)

Our digitally delivered employee development program

How it Works

We Train at least two HR staff members to be certified coaches so they can be available to guide employees as needed. We support these coaches with ongoing education, communication and re-certification.

We provide a digital training program that integrates with your HR software for employees. The program is a self-guided, step-by-step process that teaches each employee how to create their own development plan.

On the administrative side of the program, you and your staff are able to see employee progress, where they might be stuck and what kinds of jobs in your organization they’re interested in.

What the Software Looks Like

Employees watch instructional videos and interactive presentations that explain the process.


Employees perform research, complete homework and practice soft skills with other staff in your organization.


HR staff and management can view employee progress from the administrative panel and collect helpful data.


What Your Employees Will Experience