Internal Career Mapping Certification

Training and Certification for HR. Better Coaching for Employees.
We'll train several of your HR staff members to be certified guides for your employees as they go through the ICM program...and WE'LL be available for your coaches to assist and guide them whenever they need help!

How It Works.

1 We work with you to determine who at your organization should become Certified ICM Coaches (depending on the size of the location - usually at least two people and at least one of them is an HR staff member). We assign these individuals some homework to complete before the training begins.

2 Next, we come to your location and spend two or three days (depending on how you want to break it up) with your team training them in person, asking and answering questions and developing your staff into confident coaches! Then, we determine a start date, customize the launch materials for all staff members and help your staff through a successful launch!

3 We're always here. We want your employees to be successful and for YOU to win the Talent War - so we'll be here to answer questions, offer updated materials, troubleshoot and share what we're learning. We want you to say "I don't know how we did it before Internal Career Mapping"!