We are Career [RE]Search Group.

We create digital training solutions that help you attract, engage and retain great employees. We believe in empowering employees with the control and the responsibility of controlling their own careers.

How we work.

1 It all starts with a conversation! We want to solve your problems, make your life easier and get you closer to your next goal. We'll talk about your organizations needs, size and complexity, then determine the best solution for you and a timeline for solution delivery. Most organizations utilize our digital training/certified coaching program with some quick training for managers.

2 Once we determine the best way to help you, we get to work. We'll train at least two of your HR staff members to be certified coaches and work with them to make sure they're confident. Next, we'll send you all the materials and information you need to get your staff ready for the program. Then we'll come onsite, train everyone and ensure the software integrates with your HR platform correctly.

3 We're always here. We want your employees to be successful and for YOU to win the Talent War - so we'll be here to answer questions, offer updated materials, troubleshoot and share what we're learning. We want you to say "I don't know how we did it before Internal Career Mapping"!

Who we are.

Chris Czarnik

Founder, CEO

Jennifer Banta-Kroll

Founder, COO

National career search expert Chris Czarnik is tired of hearing vague generalities about how to find your dream job.  With 15 years of job search training and motivational speaking experience, helping over 2,000 people individually and tens-of-thousands at seminars and trainings, Chris has developed a practical, step-by-step process that is being hailed as a job search revolution.

His company has developed Internal Career Mapping – an interactive employee development tool that puts employees in control of their own careers and simplifies the job of employee development. Benefits of the tool are increased engagement, retention, relationship building and improvement in soft skills.

Jennifer has spent most of her career managing projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to several million. Her expertise is in having a vision and driving the process to the finish line. As a certified Scrum Master, she has managed teams of up to 48 individuals to ensure a projects ends with - not good - but great results.

At CRG, she manages all of the product development herself as well as marketing, content creation and planning (and like any other founder, anything else that needs to be done...in fact, she built the website your reading right now!). She is currently creating a completely new company focused on manufacturing products for women's health and recover post-surgery.